YCS Round 3 Dundee

The results here of the final round of the Scotland South YCS in Dundee which saw some challenging routes but an astonishing number of Quickdraws made it on to the podium, 1st for Robert, William and Andrew. 2nd for Rory, Gabs and Jamie. 3rd for Megan and Abi. 

This was also the decider for the qualifying rounds and again Quickdraws were up there, 1st for Robert, William and Andrew. 2nd for Megan, Lewis and Jamie. 3rd for Rory, Ally, Gabs and Abi. They will all be able to compete in the British Final to be held at EICA in June. Additionally Amelia, Ishbel, Alexandra, Lyndsay, Alexander and Euan have made it into the Scottish YCS Final being held at EICA on the 15th May. Well done to everybody who competed and good luck for the finals!

Scotland North results for comparison. Photos from the day: