Scottish High Schools Climbing Competition 2011 - Finals

Well done to Rachel and Angus for taking the titles at the Secondary Schools Finals today at Glasgow. This competition is open to anyone at Secondary school from S1 to S6.  All ages boys and girls climb the same routes.

After 3 routes there was a 3 way climb off between Angus Davidson (Edinburgh Academy), Scott Keir (Banchory Academy) and Willis Morris (Holyrood).  Scott unfortunately missed the second clip but was allowed to climb on and got quite far up the route before being told his score only counted to the point his feet passed the missed clip.  He therefore finished third behind Willis with only Angus topping the super final route.  Alexander scored 282 on his qualifying routes to finish 5th.

In the girls, there was a tie between Rachel Carr (The Royal High School) and Rebekah Drummond (Brechin High).  Rebekah put in an excellent effort getting further up the route than either Scott or Willis, but with Rachel also topping out had to settle for second place.  Megan scored a 271 on her 3 climbs to take third place and Eilidh 246 to take 4th. 

During the presentation the organisers commented on the increasing quality of climbers and the need to raise the bar next year so if you are going into Secondary School after the summer keep an eye on this website for details of SSCC 2012.