Leading Ladder Final

Results here of the final of the 2010 Leading Ladder took place in Leeds on 24th April. Rachel's experience of the Event.

Run in a similar format to the qualifying rounds, the top 10 competitors in each group from around Britain have 6 hours to complete their 5 routes.  Eleanor and Rachel both qualified for the Under 16 Female Recreational category which had 6b+, 6c, 7a, 7b and 7c.

Both girls flashed their first route with ease.  Next to be flashed were the 6c and 7a. The 7b was tricky with a roof early on that had many climbers wrong handed and then on over the Barrel wall.  Eleanor just failed to catch a big reach on the Barrel.  Rachel didn’t and flashed again.  Eleanor got the route 2nd attempt.

Their final climb was the 7c.  Positioned next to the 7b there had been ample opportunity to watch where everyone was falling off. Rachel had a go, making it past a tough splits move, but failing to connect with a hold on the Barrel.  Eleanor came off too.  By now the original stop time of 4pm had passed, but as there had been a slight mix up in the route setting the event was extended by half an hour which gave each of them time for another try.  As with all the routes there was a bonus hold near the top. Eleanor went again and got a couple of moves further on before coming off.  With 3 minutes to go and one shot left Rachel climbed smoothly and secured the bonus hold before coming off a couple of moves later. Rachel had secured 1st place ahead of GB team Youth A climber Charlotte Garden. Young Tara Hayes (GB Youth C) from the Midlands was the final climber.  Sitting in joint third going into the climb she too got the bonus hold so pushed Eleanor into 4th place.

BMC Finals Results Page

Anyone checking the BMC website may be confused by the results posted for the Finals.  In fact the numpties have posted the qualifier results for all categories.  Hopefully they can rectify soon.