British Bouldering Championships - 15/16 January 2011

Britain's premier bouldering competition will take place over the weekend of 15-16 January 2011 and will be held at the Outdoor Show in London at the ExCel centre!

There are four competitor categories – junior male and junior female (born 1995-1999), and senior male and senior female (born 1994 or earlier).

The competition consists of a qualification round of 10 problems, and a final round of 5 problems. There is no isolation for the qualifying round, each competitor is allowed 3 attempts on each problem and receives 10, 7 or 4 points dependent upon whether the problem is completed on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempt. Additionally a bonus or tie break point is available for ‘holding’ a specified hold.

The final will have 6 climbers from each category and, each climber is given 5+ minutes (as long as a climber has started climbing before 5 mins is up, they will not be asked to come down off the problem) to attempt a problem and is allowed as many attempts as required within that time period. They then will proceed directly onto the next problem.

The scoring for the finals is significantly different from the qualifiers. There are no points as such. The winner is the one who does the most problems in the least number of attempts. If there is a tie after looking at number of problems then the number of bonus/tie break holds are looked and also the number of attempts to get those bonus holds.

The championships will also form part of the selection process for the 2010 Senior British Bouldering Team. Competitors will be selected on their performance at the BBC's as well as past and potential performance.

There is no qualification process to gain entry into the British Bouldering Championships, and the competition is open to anyone. The problems range from V2 to V8 in the junior categories, and V3 to V10 in the seniors. The juniors will compete on the Saturday, with the Seniors climbing on the Sunday. We look forward to welcoming new and established competitors.