Angus and William get on the podium at Open Youth Championships

The BMC Open Youth Championship took place on Saturday 24th July at EICA.  There were around 100 competitors including the GB and French national teams.  Competitors were split into their International categories and had 2 qualifying climbs. The climbers were scored using the international scoring system that takes the place a climber finishes in relation to the other competitors over the hold points they score, with the top 8 going through to a final climb.

Quickdraw had 10 climbers taking part on the day

Youth C (12/13) –        Megan Saunders (7th) and Eilidh Vass Payne (9th)

                                  Angus Davidson (2nd) and William Bosi (3rd)

Youth B (14/15) –        Eleanor Hopkins (6th) and Rachel Carr (9th)

                                 Jamie Drummond (13th)

Youth A (16/17) –        Andrew Barr (17th)


As the event was being used to pick the GB team for the forthcoming World Youth Competition the grades were high which resulted in fewer “tops’ than might have been expected.  But the GB climbers performed well and even managed to keep the French off some of the podium places with Natalie Berry and Johnny Stocking winning their categories

Despite not having any French climbers to push them the competition among the Youth C climbers was enthralling and current GB team members were pushed all the way by those hoping to claim their own team place later in the year.